Positive Resilience

Positive Resilience is Designed for the busy business owner

Phase 1 – Optimizing You

  • Assess your behavioral preferences and thinking/decision patterns
  • Understand your strengths
  • Understand what saboteurs undermine your best efforts
  • Understand what you value most
  • Gain clarity on who you want to be in your life and your business

Phase 2 – Building Your Success Toolkit


  • Turn insights from Phase 1 into systems and habits
  • Shore up gaps in your knowledge and leadership with new tools and perspectives
  • Build confidence and action-taking through clarity and accountability
  • Measure your results

Phase 3 – One-on-one coaching for Results


  • Support for clear goal setting and follow through
  • Generation of more options and alternatives
  • Support and structure to keep developing strengths and minimizing saboteurs
  • Support for even greater resilience, regardless of circumstances


Phase 4 – Community and Mastermind Access


  • Community access to business owners like you
  • Library of resources, tools, and experts
  • Monthly group coaching and relevant topic discussion
  • Mastermind coaching and support for a small group of elite business owners